Friday, 8 August 2014

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach does not have a lot written about it because it is not really a very commercial beach at all.

There are no sunbeds (not everywhere now either) and there is no people selling you products.

This means that you will find a majority of local people who come here with their families - but please recognise the specific flags on the beach!

If you are here early in the morning you will see the local fishermen arrive with their catches and sell them to the local people - but this is early for this!

Today there was someone having some Wedding Photographs. We stayed here one evening because there was a road block to the exit of Phuket Island!

The beach is long and the beach and did not have a lot of rubbish on it - but I do wonder where all the tree remains had come from?

Worth a visit if you are travelling past here but to go here just for the beach? Peace and quiet with a picnic then it is wonderful.

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