Saturday, 21 March 2015

Chinese Temple Shopping

Chinese Temple Shopping is something which I was first introduced to when I was sitting in a coffee shop 'Sweet 'n Treats' at the bottom of Rang Hill and I watched a delivery arrive across the road of these items you see in every Chinese Temple.  

When a friend in the UK wanted me to purchase some Moon Blocks (or Bwa Bwei 擲筊 Divination Blocks) for them I came here.

This particular shop is on the roundabout in Phuket Town where the local buses drop you and where there is a nice coffee shop - Phuketique (was Coffee Max) to visit whilst you are waiting for one to arrive. In fact the Chinese Temple Shop is opposite it on the other side of the road leading to the market and Jui Tui Shrine at the other end.

You might want to vist here for the same reason as me but there are a plenty of reasons to visit.

I always wondered where to get the enormous models of a car that are used in all types of Chinese Ceremony.

Then the money that is burnt.

Does anyone know what this treated wood is that they burn in the Shrines?

Click here for it's Location and below is a map - Shopping for the Shrine (2)