Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to eat your noodles

On your trip to Phuket you must visit a local Noodle Shop – take a trip into Phuket Town to arrive before 5 pm, because sometimes the more popular noodle shops are very busy and are sold out. This set is from Mee Ton Poe 3.

When you are served your noodles there is usually two pieces of cutlery – a pair of chopsticks and a ‘noodle spoon’.

Which one to order is your next thing to organise? This can be done by simply pointing at the menu, using a Food App called ‘The Thai Talking Food Menu' or learning the name of one dish - ‘Hokkien Noodles’ is a good start.

The next set of objects thing in every local Thai Noodle restaurant is the condiments.

1) The dried chilli powder

2) The fish or bean sauce

3) The sliced chilli in vinegar

4) Sugar and / or salt

The difficulty is to judge how much of each condiment you want – try half a spoon of each ingredient at a time and take a taste. Start in the order above with each one to test it and see what effect that it has.

Enjoy your noodles – eating them with the chopstick and the soup with the special noodle spoon!