Saturday, 2 July 2016

Shops on the side of the road...

Shops on the side of the road sometimes look as if they don't have a door and they seem to go on forever at the back.

Okay they don't always have the Beat's headphones and the Cartier watch but they do have interesting bits.

We wanted a pair of Muay Thai boxing shorts - they didn't have any gloves though.

There are places like this all over Phuket and what they have is dependent on when they are in Phuket - Patong has a lot of fakes and big T.Shirts; Kata and Karon have swimming toys and beach wear; Phuket Town has bits and pieces.

This row is opposite Ocean Plaza (just realised that I have not been here since 2010) and Robinsons in Phuket Town.  My favourite shop is still Radsada Handmade though.

If you just need something then Phuket Town is a place to look but if it is not convenient there are a great many more places to find like this - some are more quirky than others.