Sunday, 28 August 2016

Big C and telephones

Big C is an enormous Shopping Mall which seems to sell everything. The website and what can actually be purchased there is only half of the story - here's a good description - thank you to Phuket Thai Sale.

Shopping: Big C Phuket. Phuket - a place where you can have a good rest, get new unforgettable experience and bring home strange things. For lovers of shopping are located on the island of many different shops, supermarkets and shopping centers. Today, we will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in the hypermarket Big C Phuket.
Big C shopping center in Phuket located near the famous hypermarket Tesco Lotus. If you compare the price and range of both institutions, you can see that they are almost identical. However, if you want to buy quality products, it is better to do shopping in Tesco Lotus. As regards other differences, the two stores can be visited easily see them.
Benefits of shopping at Big C Phuket:
1) Huge selection of goods.
2) Large free parking.
3) Low prices.
4) Entertaining department.
5) Kids Room.
6) Convenient schedule?
First floor: hi-Tech & Food Court. On this floor is a lot of different cafes and restaurants where you can eat delicious and cheap. There is also a lot of electronics stores with a large range of mobile phones and game room.
Second floor: Hypermarket. If you want to buy goods much overpaying - jogging in the Big C. Things «Made In Thailand» neatly on the shelves. Here you will find: food, household chemicals, cosmetics, shoes, skirts, swimwear, sportswear, children's toys, appliances and many other items of interest to you. There are cases when people are preparing for months for the trip to rest, and then it turns out that the most necessary - lost at home. If you are in this situation - do not panic!
The Big C shopping center in Phuket to buy sunscreen, beach umbrellas, beach clothes, towels, waterproof goggles, helmets and other bike necessary for a good rest, things.
Also on the second floor are popular fast food cafe (Mr. Doughnut, KFC Chicken, Chesters Grill), shops with gifts and jewellery.
The third floor of Big C Phuket: entertainment. Here, in addition to other equipment and jewelery shops, there is a large bowling club with ten tracks.

But I was amazed how much you could buy for your telephone on the bottom floor - we could not know where to start shopping. We were able to buy a battery for a telephone that they longer make so that was the winner for us.

How many types of telephone are there?

They can fix your phone for you - it might invalidate a warranty you have at home though?

How many covers are there but I am not sure that I want some of them?

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