Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The khlongs in Phuket Town

There seems to be a number of khlongs which run through Phuket Town but I seem to find very little information about them. But from the mechanisms which are scattered about I imagine that they were fully operational.

I did find a map after seeing so many Khlongs but I do not know how to find them all.

Here are some...

This was near the bypass 

This was near the Queen Sirikit park in Phuket Town

Some times the khlongs are full and flowing

Phuket Town has a plethora of bridges all over the place.

Phuket Town is really quite beautiful.

 But not always - sometimes there are people cleaning the khlongs of rubbish and soil. There are more khlongs which are being used in Bangkok and around Thailand - I feel that it would be a nice idea to have all these khlongs working again.