Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sammakorn / ตลาดนัดสัมมากร Market

Sammakorn Weekend Market is certainly a market with so many things to find - certainly very busy with all the local people from around.

It is a traditional market in the middle at the front and at the back of the market there is a plethora of food to buy. We normally split up but we always miss something. Sammakorn Market is small enough for you to walk up and down each row in a zig zag pattern - a wonderful trick.

Today I was focused on looking at the small things and there was a fascinating number of them - we thought that the Halloween toys were a nice touch.

But all these toy copies are  great - a lot cheaper...

Sometimes the clothes are not copies but simply cheap.

Torn jeans are in fashion again...

Tempted by some bits for the kitchen...

Boxes and bags for some people.

Then there are the belts - are they crocodile skin?

And of course lots of food...

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