Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Walking Routes in Bangkok: John Bush and more

Stop 1: Wat Suan Phlu - a small Wat, with a small reclining Buddha, lovely, a stop with making if you are in the area

Stop 3: Old Custom House - this is an amazing place, certainly an interesting place steeped in history, I wonder what will happen to it...

Stop 4: Haroon Mosque - a pocket of Muslim community and small surrounding neighbourhood 

Stop 5: Harmonique - a small Chinese restaurant in an old house, went in for a coffee, so that's all I can add - very popular with tourists and certainly photogenic 

Stop 6: Wat Muang Kae - a small Wat, next to a school but between tall skyscrapers and more

Stop 7: Street Art - a collection of popular street art along the wall 

Stop 8: Warehouse 30 - a collection of old Japanese warehouses now a set of trendy shops, art collections and more
   location: https://goo.gl/maps/Ho8wpdNPf1z  

Stop 9: House No.1 - a classical mansion on the vintage Captain Bush Lane, open for special events

Stop 10: Si Phraya Express Boat Pier - this is where you can get a boat on the Chao Phraya River, it's always worth getting it once

Walking Route One in Bangkok - Yaowarat.
Walking Route Two in Bangkok - Nang Leong.
Walking Route Three in Bangkok - Thonburi.

Walking Route in Bangkok - Bangkok Dolls and more.

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