Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Phuket Zoo?

UPDATE: Phuket Zoo is known as a organizer of the
but sadly little is happening......

The Phuket Zoo is in the South of Phuket near Chalong off the Chaofah Rd.

On entering there is evidence of the surroundings not being taken care – peeling posters, cracked statues and shops with very old items on sale.

We walked swiftly in and headed towards the birds – well I have to admit this was a shock. An eagle in a cage that meant that it was unable to spread their wings and a hornbill without enough room to fly.  Then the birds of prey that you could have you photo with (150 Baht) – also the birds were dangerous - as indicated by the staff, whilst they ate lunch.

Then there was a miniature aviary with some birds in – and local pigeons.  There was a small river with a lot of fish in which made it a pleasant environment.

Then we saw pools of water that had fish?  There were no signs of what fish and the water was too dark.

Then the upside down bored orangutan – do you want a photo?

Then the monkey show.

Then there were gibbons that should not be in cages………. visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Park.

Then there were crocodiles in dirty water without enough room to swim.Then the scary crocodile show.  I have been told that the crocodiles are given a dose or drugs to keep their mouths open. Have you met the member of staff who had his arm bitten off? How about youtube of the show? There is some Phuket Zoo youtube.

After this was the lowlight – have your photograph with a tiger?  Anyone who believes that this tiger is comfortable and not drugged needs to be educated or believes “The Tiger who came to Tea”.

There is also apparently an elephant show, an aquarium and an orchid garden. How does this change? It all comes back to Education – again.

The Price is 500 Baht for adults and 300 Baht for children.
Jamie in Phuket blog has a comment.
Virtual Tourist has some comments.
TripAdvisor reviews it - it is ranked as the worst attraction in Phuket. is an opportunity to speak - I did.

There is the T.S.P.C.A but no R.S.P.C.A in Thailand but please contact them to offer support and post your comments for others to read.

I would NOT GO AGAIN – but I know my daughter would love to go……. But next time I will pay less – I need my Thai Driving Licence or work permit. I have made a comment here and please share your experiences with each other.

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