Saturday, 11 August 2012

Wat Kathu

I never tire of visiting Buddhist temples - I have recently read that there are at least 26 Buddhist temples in Phuket - which means that there a few more that I need to visit!

This temple is close to the Kathu Chinese Shrine - which I have previously visited early in the morning for the preparations for the Vegetarian Festival Parade to Sapan Hin - a must if you are here.

Kathu Temple has a number of buildings which are part of it - making the area that is regarded as Temple Grounds quite large. I have read that the Temple also serves as a Educational point and now the outlying buildings make sense.

What I do notice now is that there are homes built for the monks who make up part of the temple.

There was more than one area to pray to the Buddha and temple was clearly taken care off - we made a donation, put up some flowers and rang the bell - we always enjoy our visits. Make them with 

The most spectacular part of Kathu Temple is the splendid building which is white - wonderful - why it is white I do not know, but if anybody does know please tell me (

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