Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wat Koh Sirey

Koh Sirey is to the East of Phuket Town - it is not actually an Island but there is a very big bridge that you can cross to visit the Island.  I visited Koh Sirey previously to feed the monkeys at Monkey Seeing, we visited here again to visit the Wat on the top of the hill.

After feeding the monkeys we continued further into the island to look for the road to the hill. After several mistakes and feeling that we were lost we found a road which took us to Wat Koh Sirey...

The 'first' Wat was at the bottom of the hill and we were unable to enter, because the fence around the outside were locked. However the monks pointed us in the correct direction - up a steep hill which we had to walk, although a tuk-tuk driver was able to drive all the way up?

There was a peaceful pool and then the road was rather steep...

As we were halfway up there were some Buddhist statues and rooms set back from the road - I investigated and there were some deserted rooms, I think that they may have been previously for monks.

As we came to the top Wat Koh Sirey peered through the trees, we found a geo-cache and progressed up the steep stairs - the stirs were very steep and we stopped halfway to bang on a hanging drum. We then progressed further and came upon a large temple perched on the top of the hill.

In the temple was something that we did not expect - the enormous reclining Golden Buddha - peaceful was something that I felt.

After kneeling at the Buddha we walked outside and saw the statuettes surrounding the Wat. We found that we a were able to walk completely around the Wat - the views were beautiful and breath taking. We walk down but as we walked down we found that there were more Buddha images circling the Wat.

Definitely worth a trip.

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More information can be found from Phuket and Willy at Phuket 101.

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