Monday, 12 November 2012

Wat Khao Rang - Part Two

After visiting the temple on the left and walking up to the Golden Buddha you must now visit what is specifically Wat Thepkajonjit - simply walk out and turn left - it cannot be missed.

Wat Thepkajonjit is a magnificent Wat on the side of Rang Hill - it's beauty is impressive and if you go on a day when the light is on the golden tiles and the sky is blue your photographs will be magical.

As you approach the Wat you will be struck with the serenity of the location - one car drove past us in an hour and we met only two people (who did not take their shoes off, because - "the stone was too hot").

Next to the steps are two very impressive 'stone creations' which seem to be created from a child's nightmare - impressive and a little scary. I understand that this is to protect those that enter the temple? Then there is a more traditional Buddha.

The steps seem to be steep but it is worth making the effort. 

As I reached the temple at the top of the stairs I was surprised by the detail given to the figurines which surrounded the temple all perfectly created but all a little different.

I was unable to confirm that I had seen them at a Wat previously BUT I had seen them in a Chinese Shrine.

Phuket is a wonderful place to be...

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