Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wat Thepkajonjit - Part One

This is a Wat which is not visited very often by the visitor to Phuket and I feel that it should be - but maybe it would not be so beautiful?

The Wat is on the road down from Tunka Hill Cafe and Rang Hill view and view.  The road is winding and is not always the easiest to drive down - but it is always worth it.

The temple that you first come upon is a temple that has visitors who come to meet the monks - we were there whilst a monk was beginning his prayers and the atmosphere was wonderful.  We walked through the Prayer Room of the temple and there were a great number of Buddhist statues which were all connected by the ubiquitous white thread.

Following the prayer session we walked outside where I was confronted by a model tiger who looked like he had just consumed an animal, after this I looked further and was surprised to find a Ganesha - a Hindu Elephant statue.

Phuket certainly is a myriad of religions.

After pausing at this statue we climbed up the stairs where we found a beautiful Golden Buddha - the spectacle was magnificent - it is certainly a must for a place to visit.

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