Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Wi-Fi in Phuket

There are a number of places in Phuket which advertise free Internet - Vichit Park is a park that I visit with my daughter has it.

Well the poster says that it does but I think that there is another way to do this - sorry I was lost with this. There is a very big increase in the amount of coffee shops, hairdressers, restaurants, bookshops and bars giving you free Internet access.

Even this small local restaurant found by my friend Chaovarit - and the Issan restaurant are kind enough to give you the password under the sign. There are Apps to help you know where to go to find Wi-Fi whilst you are in Phuket but they are not always accurate.

  Here's my map of places free Wi-Fi in Phuket which I have tried - but this is not always a guarantee that it will be working...