Thursday, 11 July 2013

Borae Marshes

This may be not what everybody wants to do but we did so I am writing about it here.

Boare is in South Phuket and you may be staying at this end of the island, geocaching or renting a motorbike...

We had read about the opening up of the local area and the possibility of a costal walk from the local village market in Borae along the coast to the Mangrove Hotel.

We were late to meet the local walk - they had since left the football field...

What started off as a beautiful walk suddenly changed into chaos! The water was rapidly coming in and the marsh was becoming more of a Swamp seen in Scooby Doo - well that's what Jemma told us!

Our sandals were quickly dispensed with and we attempted to walk through the grey grunge... 

Being very careful not to tread on the newly planted mangrove trees of course.

I chose to use an App called 'Trail Tracker' to track our walk and it soon became clear that we were not going to get anywhere. Jemma thought that it was fun and we took a number of photographs. 

I do hope that they make a costal walk from Borae to the Mangrove and I find it quite interesting that during the evening we can locate Parlai or Mor Mu Dong restaurants - i wonder if they will ever build a bridge over the islet?