Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at the Phuket Weekend Market

This was not what I expected to write about!
Okay you are able to buy a number of pirated CDs and DVDs but there is so much more at the Phuket Weekend Market than one first thinks that one may find.

Every time that I visit there is something that I have not seen previously!

This does mean that sometimes when you return then you will not find what that you had seen previously - I would suggest that (unless you live here) then if you see something specific then buy it straight away because it might not be there next time.

The Weekend market opposite Wat Naka is open from 16:00 until 10:00 each Saturday and Sunday.

There are a number of different items for sale are enormous and I have blogged about this previously 
but on reflection I think that it may be easier to look at the types of thing for sale here. 
I have started a list.


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