Monday, 21 October 2013

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine (Fortune Telling Sticks – Kau Cim)

This is a fortune telling practice that originated in Chinese Buddhism - the practice is often performed in a Taoist or Buddhist temple in front of an altar. Kau Cim is often referred to as Chien Tung or Chinese Fortune Sticks by westerners.

This is a usually a wooden tube with numbered sticks placed inside. After lighting incense, making an offering, and praying, the seeker could ask a question, shake the bamboo container, and choose the one that has fallen out.

The stick would then direct the shaker to the answer. Each of the sticks has written on it the number of a chapter and verse from the Buddhist scriptures OR refer to one of these drawers to open. 

A temple priest could also be consulted for the answers, or the seeker could read directly from the corresponding scripture; interpretation might be needed to comprehending the answer however.

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