Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Po Ta To Sae Chinese Shrine

This Chinese Shrine is on the hill in Phuket Town called - Telegraph Hill - we have visited previously but this is a good place to go and feed the wild monkeys!!!

Well so we thought!

There were a lot of people running - up and down the hill but not on the specially constructed 'Fitness Park' pieces. There were also a great deal of dogs loose at the bottom of the hill as well which meant that there were less monkeys until we reached nearer the top.

The Po Ta To Sae Chinese Shrine is approximately half way up the hill and is nearly opposite the Green Forest Restaurant - we always pop in for a drink because the view is spectacular.

The Chinese Shrine has not been finished since the last time we visited so I was only able to take photographs of older pieces (and not repainted).

Don't forget to visit Wat Chaoroen Samankit on the way down either.

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