Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus is just on the outskirts of Phuket Town.

Tesco is an International name and Lotus is it's partner in Thailand. The shop itself has the standard Supermarket items from fresh food to nappies to crisps to felt tip pens.

Tesco Lotus stores currently operate in 5 formats: Extra, Hypermarket, Department Store, Talad and Express. Extra, Hypermarket and Department store formats have an extensive fresh food, ambient food and grocery offer as well as a non-food offer including electrical appliances, apparel, toys, stationery and household goods. Talad is a "supermarket format" selling mainly groceries and Express is a convenience "mini-supermarket" format. Many of the products on the shelf are Tesco house brand products.

The bigger stores are often set in Malls and have food courts and many other shops and stalls available as well as a large car park. Tesco Lotus also offers a range of retail and financial services including bill payment, personal loans (Tesco Premier), a Tesco Visa credit card and as Tesco General Insurance Broker, a range of insurance products.
text is from - wiki
Outside of the shop are a plethora of small coffee shops and fast food outlets (KFC McDonalds, Dunkin DonutsBlack Canyon, S'n'P, SubwaySwensen's and a lot more.

On the side of the shops are a number of telephone shops, Homeworks and smaller stalls, really quite a number of places.

Then you can choose to go upstairs - upstairs there is a young children's 'soft room' and some simple arcade games to play. There is also a place where you are able to have your nails painted in a number of different ways - Jemma chose to have butterflies on her nails but that was before she went to school and she has not asked since. 

Adjacent to this a Traditional Thai 'food court' restaurant - well worth a visit if you are willing to have a try at some of the local foods - i have always chosen a simple fried rice up here whilst Jemma was playing in the 'soft room'.

They do not accept the Tesco Loyalty Card - sorry.

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