Sunday, 17 November 2013

Find the Sunset - Cape Phromthep and more

This may seem quite easy but it not aways is - the most popular place to watch the Sunset is usually recognised as Sunset Viewpoint

Cape Phromthep Sunset (this is Jamies photograph) - used with permission

Cape Phromthep is at the Southern most point of Phuket Island and it is wise to get there possibly an hour before the sunsets. This is because there may well be a coach of people also trying to see the sunset and you don't want to miss the Sunset because you were stuck in a traffic jam.

A way to find what time the sunset is is to use an App - my choice for an App which shares the information is Sunset Countdown.

There are a number of other places to visit - here is my selection.

The Sunset Trip with John Gray Sea Canoe

Cape Panwa Promenade

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar is an excellent location that I have found to take photographs of the Sunset - if I was more organised I would try to take pictures of the sunset with Big Buddha in the background but not yet.

Wat Laem Phromthep

A place to go is the Buddhist Wat next to Cape Phromthep - Wat Laem Phromthep - quiet and serene (because all the tourists are next door)!

Then there is 'After Beach Bar' - a good place for a sunset and the restaurant is pretty good - when I wrote this I had not written a review yet but the review will be here - here's Jamie's review.