Monday, 23 December 2013

Karon Beach

This is a beach that we have always enjoyed because of it's proximity to Dino Park Mini Golf Course and of course a Starbucks.

The sea front is very long and it will take a big effort to walk from one side to the other - if you are looking for a bit of exercise than this isn't a bad idea.  I have posted here previously of the red flags which are posted but in November there are no red flags and the beach is really quite lovely.

Okay the beach does get busy at times but this is dependent on the busy hotels near to the beach - there are quite a few. Karon beach is also a destination for a great many tourists on motorbikes.

Lately there has been an increase in the number of people selling Flying Lanterns in the evening to any of the guests which are still on the beach.

We always enjoy visiting this area but we like to buy of the street stalls and they are not always there? You are able to buy food from the sellers on the beach but I do not know where they go to get the food because it is not prepare on the beach - but this is common to many beaches in Phuket.

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