Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wat Puttamongkon OR Wat Mongol Nimit

I have walked past this temple any number of times – the two that stand out is when I have visited Hongsyok House as part of the Baba Wedding Ceremony and when I have nipped into Tiny Coffee for a coffee and cake (note: the App is worth having for discount).

This temple has one entrance on this side and there is another one around the corner – opposite Koffie Terrace and Soi Rommanee.

1) Entrance from Debuk Road. 

This entrance could be missed because it is opposite a petrol station which always seems to be busy. The actual Wat is very close to the entrance and is (like many well kept Wats)  a lovely thing to look at.

Before you enter into the actual temple I suggest that you take the time to look at the buildings surrounding it. I am not clear the function of the buildings but they are old and they are well kept.

There is a smaller building with a smaller Shrine in front of it.

Then there is the actual Temple itself. 

I was lucky to visit here when there was a Monk ceremony but very often you will find that the building is closed. When I visited this day there was a ceremony, remembering to take my shoes off I crept in.

Even if the Wat is closed the doors can be beautiful.

I have read somewhere that the shiny glass material on the walls of the temple is special but I think I may have been mistaken?

Getting to the back of the temple I noticed that there was a selection of Pagodas at the very back - not just one but 6 or 7.

As I walked closer to them I noticed that there were printed notices in the branches of the trees and they really were quite profound. I have uploaded them all onto photobucket but if you intend to visit them don't look.

Turning away I noticed that there was a side road leading out of the temple.

2) Entrance from the Thepakrasattri Rd.

When we visited this temple the entrance on this side was under construction but it looked like it could be quite lovely.

A Buddhist Temple is always worth a visit.

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