Sunday, 23 November 2014

Phuket Cultural Centre

what are these sticks with the book? - book marks?
Phuket Cultural Centre was a find purely because i was asked about it and I knew very little about it - so i visited it the next week.

The centre is on the grounds of the Rajabhat University and there was one sign to it as we drove the road. 

The Phuket Cultural Centre is described by Rajabhat as - 'A presentation of arts, culture and artefacts from the area of the Andaman Coast'.

The actual building is not one that one who have thought housed such a treasure of artefacts.The building is unassuming and looks in need of a degree of care BUT it is there and this is what matters.

On entering the building it was a little disarming because there was nobody there and there was no indication or directions that we could go in but we did. I was taken there by Thai person and this did help as they knocked on a door and the staff came to assist us (reminding me of a visit to the Thavorn Museum where they put the lights on).

When they did I was immediately taken with the plethora of items that there were on display in and out of the cabinets.

this is a weighing tool for the dredged tin?
The actual building was divided into areas with a different focus.

an example of the Baba living in Phuket
do you think they need a DJ?

Fascinating things - do you remember when a camera was a camera?

a seeming well used or old Mahjong set - is it Ivory?
- Ron Thai Phuket Room: showing us the life in Phuket
an example of a floating device for very young children
a beautiful Chinese Calligraphy box (i also have one)

- Cultural Information Room: collection of information in a variety of formats
Military Caps? - reminding me of A Town Like Alice

 - Cultural Heritage Room: ornaments, implements and more locally made

 - Buddhism Room: sandalwood carving, Thalang history and details of the Heroines actions

Phone Number: 076 240 474 (ext. 148)
Approximate Price: Free
Address: Phuket Rajabhat University, Thepkrassatri Rd
Hours: 8:30 - 16:30 (closed weekends)

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