Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

a pacing caged tiger
Tiger Temple near Bangkok and Tiger Kingdoms are places which exploit the Tigers

One cannot disagree with what people write on the links below BUT are the Tiger places feeling the pressure? NO - they are not.

a caged tiger
My daughter had the most wonderful time BUT we will not be going again.

The animals are bred in captivity and their diet does not allow them to grow into the normally athletic animals that they would if they were fed on a correct diet - I believe that they do not have red meat?

a tiger with a lot to do?
I do wonder what happens to the old tigers? 
Are they used for medicines etc before they become 'old and $*(@)*(@$(%'. The business will not go away so I am sorry to preach but I believe that the only way forward is education and protection. People must be shown that the tiger belongs in the wild and it is not 'toy' - look at how people see the dolphin!!!

sign the insurance for removing blame
I believe that the Government - or even better the Tiger places should give part of their money to protecting the wild tiger, I do not think that a bred tiger can be reintegrated into the wild?

But we could go to some way to protect the livelihood of the Wild Tiger and these companies could help this to be done?

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Since this was written there has been an 'incident' where a guest was bitten....

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