Sunday, 26 April 2015

Koh Sirey Island

Koh Sirey Island is an island that I usually recommend to the visitors who want something real - this is an island where there is very little investment and I am never sure why.

There is an area is called Asia Marina near the South End of the island and I can find nothing about it at all - I could not even tell whether is had been opened at all?

Crossing over the bridge from Phuket Island there is immediately a port on the South sise and it is teeming with fishing vessels each time we enter Koh Sirey. I must admit to feeling a little 'conspicuous as I entered into the harbour to take a few photographs. 

Swiftly returning to the care we travelled over the bridge which gave me another look at the harbour and I can tell that there is a lot of boats and activity when we visited in the morning.

We travelled the roads (after feeding the monkeys) and very swiftly the 
atmosphere changed.

There were a great number of discarded boats alongside the mangrove swamps - whether they were abandone and deposited there from the Tsuami I was let to ponder. As we drove round we went into the small fishing villages of the local people. There was certainly more to be seen here so we will have to make another visit.

In the distance we saw the hill of the Wat Koh Sirey so we headed there - I wonder what else is on the island - it is far bigger than we visited.

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