Monday, 1 June 2015

Drawing Room

Drawing Room is one of the larger Artist Studio's in Phuket Old Town. (Number 30 on the map below).

SO what can I say to add to to the photographs which I put here?

The Drawing Room is certainly somewhere interesting to visit and although I am not going to purchase any paintings it was certainly an interesting place to wander about.

This cavernous warehouse in the Old Town is a showcase for artist Isara Thaotong’s whimsical art. A Fine Arts graduate from Bangkok’s Rangsit University, he moved down to Phuket where he designed a nightclub and condominium before he deiced to devote himself to art that is wholly his own and not a project where the owner and other people give their input. 

His body of work is divided into styles, introspective abstract acrylic canvases and quirky black and white cartoon-style art inspired by Japanese manga, most of which feature ‘Peepho’ a cute character he created. While the former are mature expressions of emotions he feels, the latter are illustrations of his daydreams. Most of his works are for sale, and the chatty artist is happy to explain the inspiration behind his art.

Text is from Destination Amari

I did think that the hanging bicycle was a piece of art though but on reflection I think that it was actually the artist's bicycle to get there.

I also wondered whether the Vespa worked?

Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm
Address: 56 Phang-Nga Road, Phuket Town
Telephone: 086 899 4888