Monday, 8 June 2015

Fresh Mango and sticky rice

2) Fresh Mango and sticky rice 

Living in Thailand for a period of time you do eat the Local foods as the Locals prepare. 

I am asked a number of times whether I eat the food and I do indicate that I do. Then I am asked whether I think that it is safe for the tourist - I could not indicate this at all BUT I do think you should go and browse and think about it.

Fresh mango is something that I look forward to every mango season in Phuket. There are mangoes available all year round and the best way to tell the season (April to May) is the plethora of street stalla which are selling on the street and how cheap they all are.

The mangoes that you are looking for on the street are the yellow mangoes, there are sometimes green ones but these are the ones to either take home or to use to make a dinner.

Khao Niaw Mamung is what you need to ask for. This is a dish of slices juicy mangoes, glutinous rice (sticky rice), lots of coconut cream and alum.

So how much does a serving cost - about 80 Baht, but I reckon they make enough I suppose?  But i have to add I always ask my wife to chose which mango to have because when I choose it I am invariably wrong. Do I have a guide for it - sorry but no...

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