Tuesday, 14 July 2015

3 otters, a snake and a house on the water

This was something that was very different and totally unexpected, we had a phone call from John Gray of the now World Renown John Gray Sea Canoe and he wanted us to meet someone special. This was certainly something different - it was down a road that I passed everyday on the way to work for the last 15 years!!

There was currently a construction of a new pier at the end of the road! 

The home that was at the end looked like it was amongst other homes but not all of them looked after and in one piece anymore! 

There was some wonderful examples of grafitti in the house next door but I do not think it was done by Alex Face...

Then the owner came out of the small house and we were quickly shepherd in to the small room and immediately we were taken by the simplicity of it all - no strings attached...

Then out popped 3 baby otters!!!

Clearly used to attention the baby otters were a real pleasure to run around us.

Taking this opportunity I went for a walk along the low tide at the adjacent beach -
 wonderfully simple!

Then out came the python - what a marvellous experience...

The one thing that I feel is that this mans life here is under threat because of the building of the new pier - do you know how to help this man and his family?

He shows John Gray that he has survived the tsunami 
but will he survive human development?