Sunday, 26 July 2015

Local Market - Wat Thepnimit

Wat Thepnimit is a Wat which I have visited a number of times over the years for the early morning Songkran celebrations. It is only about 3km outside Phuket Town and on the way to Chalong - the first time that I visited it was a stange place because you could not actually see the Wat from the road but just the school.

In the afternoons (on the empty football field opposite) there is a large market swiftly put up. There is actually a Chinese Shrine currently being built in the far corner... This did mean though that there were a lot of young children at the market!!

This is a traditional Thai Market and visit here if you wish to visit a real Thai market versus a Tourist Attraction.

There is the raw food which you may not want to see and for many will be too much.

As many times as I visit I do not know about these deep fried whole chickens - have you tried one?

I was surprised to see the fresh frogs - peeled and ready for the grill.

And then look down and see the frogs ready to be set free.

Then there were the usual bits and pieces - the handbags and the used shoes.

Then the was the wonderful grocery items - the fresh vegetables and the fresh fish.