Monday, 18 January 2016

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine and it's figurines

Datuk Gong - Chinese Deity (i think)
The figurines in the Chinese Shrines is an attraction for me and there are so many of them! I started to try to do this previously when I visited Jui Tui Chinese Shrine and I haven't really got much further than then - but I will have a go.

I found a website with a list of Chinese God's names - but without full description and images.

Then another website I searched through...

Mysterious Lady of the 9th Heaven - I think 

Cai Shen - God of Wealth (i think)
Juan Ti -  God of War and Fortune Telling
So I have not been able to do this again...

The next post will be the corner of the feminine gods....

Figurines already named
 1) Le Loh Chia - leads the Phuket Vegetarian Festival
 2) Tsai Shen Yeh - God of Wealth
 3) Cheng Huang - Town God or Religious Magistrate 
 4) Sun Wukong - Monkey God
 5) Guang Gong