Saturday, 30 January 2016

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a most popular place for tourists to visit and it is certainly is a place to visit and it just keeps getting bigger.

My friend Jamie visits it more regularly than me and certainly does take some great photographs. Here is Big Buddha's history.

Starting at the bottom it is a very steep hill and the only people that was up it are the Monks!

Below the Buddhist Statue is a large area where there are a number of things;

Buddhist Prayer

Alms bowls

Tiles to purchase which are then placed on the Big Buddha

Walking up the steps to the Big Buddha can be a quite difficult but I do love the bells that line the steps on each side. 

At the top this is repeated with more bells around the base of the Big Buddha. It is really quite special.

There is now the opportunity to actually go underneath it.

At the back is another Buddhist Monument.

But I don't know whether it will ever be finished as the diagram above shows. 

Previous Visits
 1) 2012  

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