Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Chillva Market

Chillva Market is a relatively new market which is near to Tesco Lotus, John Gray Sea Canoe office, Bon Cafe and local shops. This is another market in the close vicinity of others and I have to admit that I was first anxious that Phuket Town does not really need another market but I was more than happy to say that this one has something different.

So what is here that I have not seen?

I love this pussy cat logo - a good idea.

I like the use of the trailers and the subsequent use of them to be the fronts of restaurants, then there is an upstairs.

I was surprised to see a number of the shops which had air-conditioning - for me not necessary but possibly for them. Most of them are as above.

So how much is there in these little shops? I could not hope to record them all - I would have to go again and again - then again my daughter would not mind...

Then there was so much food you could purchase BUT there was a lot of my favourites.

The roti glob was wonderful...

Not sure about these pieces of animal though.

But there were somethings made with cheese - but the queue was too long - next time...

Interesting that there was a cake shop displaying their link to WongNai - a popular App in Asia.

There there was a Pizza truck!

Then there were some more traditional seated set up stalls - again holding a plethora of the more normal items that are found in the markets around Phuket.

A dreamcatcher...

I do like this T.Shirt but don't tell Nike... There was a small amount if simple bars - but only one coffee shop (Rush Coffee), maybe there are enough in Phuket?

And there are toilets at the back.

Chill is open 7 days a week and from approximately 4pm - good luck...