Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Wat Muang Komanraphat - วัดม่วงโกมารภัจจ์

Wat Muang Komanraphat - วัดม่วงโกมารภัจจ์ - is somewhere which we stumbled on quite unexpectantly, I don't remember what we were looking for or where we were going.

We were looking for a short cut and ended up in a rubber plantation.

But what a find - this was clearly not a tourist attraction, there was nothing there in any other language but Thai. This only added to it's natural beauty however.

I can find almost nothing about this for the tourist however - here it is on Temple Tour and Pantip.com

The temple was calming beyond my expectations.

The sculptures the gardens are not something that I have had an experience of calming but rather a 'teaching tool'  which I have seen in Wat Thampatan.

Then there was a buried Buddha? - something else to find here.

It was clear that it was somewhere which the locals used often.

A peaceful place to escape to...