Friday, 13 January 2017

Wat Khao Rang - giant demons

Wat Khao Rang is certainly a place to visit if you are in Phuket Town. I always try to visit and have a number of times - more than I have listed below.

Wat Khao Rang is a wonderful example of a Buddhist Temple - there is a beautiful golden Buddha which is worth visiting. 

Next to this Buddhist statue there is a wonderful example of a Wat - perched on the top of a number of steps.

What I found today was the large creatures at the front of the Temple. What is common is the Yuk

Then there are more and I can find very little information about - but once I have written this I will endeavour to find out.

This one (I think maybe the 'God of Death') is actually a bit scary - look at that necklace!!

and then his stick!

There are also more beautiful and balanced...

But what is this demon representing?

Is this demon holding a traditional 'ball' which is placed at Wats

These sacred stone balls, usually nine, are called ลูกนิมิต in the Thai language and are placed at the four corners and other cardinal points of the พระอุโบสถ.

BUT one of the greatest pleasures is not knowing, looking briefly  and sometimes it doesn't matter...

Previous Visits
 1) November 2012 - part I
 2) November 2012 - part II
 3) July 2014 - a walk up Rang Hill
 4) May 2015 - an investigation


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