Sunday, 12 February 2017

Phuket Downtown Market

Phuket Downtown Market is somewhere which is more in keeping with the older traditional markets - no air-conditioning, tarpaulin roof, sometimes there are no prices on display and a very interesting place to wander into - the mornings being the opportune time.

The amount of fruits there is quite substantial.

But there are trucks outside the market who sell in bulk - so every so often you will see vegetables on sale in enormous quantities - bags of limes for example. But I am not sure where I have seen the pumpkin used in a Thai dish - that lost me.

This is not a market which has been set up for the tourist - it is quite rare to see one here - which does make it all the more authentic. This makes it all the more reason to visit BECAUSE you have no clue as to what it is and makes it all the more interesting to visit.

So what is all is some of these things? Well I am at a loss with what this is, I have no idea?

Then the displays of dried or drying fish.

Then there is the Sino-Portuguese building adjacent to it - I have no more information about whose this place is than knowing it is there AND there is no information on the net regarding it!

You can have breakfast around the corner at many places OR the place for lunch is Downtown Kao Kaeng.