Saturday, 18 February 2017

Wat Kosit Wihan

 Wat Kosit Wihan is only one of  a great number of Buddhist Temples and I always try to visit each one once. 

It is a little north of Phuket Town (near to Phuket Mission Hospital) - in the temple there are a number of places where the religious ceremonies take place - the most revered is the shrine hall (or uboscot). Be aware though that there it can get busy on religious days and sometimes in the mornings when sermons take place.

I did look for the 'golden laughing Buddha statue and a Lung Por Lod statue that I was under the impression were there but I may have been in the wrong Wat?

In the temple there was a place to burn people who had passed away and it definitely had an eerie quality to it. 

There was also the teaching taking place - I forgot the name for this.

Then I found that there were steps at the back which took you to where there were graves of many people - I kept going up.

Then I found a statue behind bars? On coming back down to the Wat (which I was not able to get in) but walked around it.

I found a number of these smaller shrines in the surrounding wall - not something that I see very often but I read a lot about.

Certainly a special place to visit.


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