Friday, 6 October 2017

Siam Serpentarium

Siam Serpentarium is somewhere my daughter and I visited because my daughter likes snakes. This was a wonderful place for her - there was so many of them.

But I think there were more Chinese Tourists than there were snakes...

This did not help the enjoyment of it. However the staff took care of my daughter in the best way possible and they were very good at ignoring everything around them - wonderful.

The glass floor was great and the information given by the staff was also great. 

We would not return however - the uncontrollable behaviour of the Chinese Tourists was unacceptable - banging on the glass cases to make the snake move and shouting to each other was not. I was interested to know why the Tour Leader (carrying flags on sticks did nothing).

The place was certainly a place to visit but I would not go without knowing how busy they were - I sent an email indicating my displeasure at this mismanagement but have not yer received a reply - over one month ago.

This place has a lot of potential - we wish them luck.

And we took a snake home...


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