Friday, 6 October 2017

Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat - วัดมณีศรีมหาธาตุ

Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat is somewhere that we visited because it was on the way somewhere. This was another stop on the way...

Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat is a spectacular example of a Buddhist Temple, grounds and everything else about visiting them.

This visit meant that I had a little time to take more photographs and this meant that I took a plethora of photographs - so I made a video of them all.

Some of the details were beautiful.

Then there were the decorations of the wall around the Wat.

Then I was stumped when I was unable to take any more photographs of some of the temples - so I did not enter. 

Still a wonderful example of a temple visit though on writing this I read that Jamie also visited วัดมณีศรีมหาธาตุ and took some wonderful photographs.

Previous Visits:
 1) May 2012 

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