Friday, 4 May 2012

Laem Ka beach

The access is not the easiest because it looks like a long private road - we have been when the gate was down BUT the local people tell me that the owner of the land now allows access.

It is between Rawai and Chalong and do not expect to see a signpost, in fact we drove straight past - here is it's Google Earth location

At the end of this road there is a small area where it seems as if there is something for sale sometimes. This time there were piles of plastic plates with photographs of Chinese tourists on?  We walked down the steps and there is a small beach with relatively few people on and a small shop - peace...

Then the people in the photographs turned up n their droves - coaches picking up the tourists as the disembarked from their speedboats there was approximately 15 drop off in half an hour and then it was peace again.

The beach was lovely but the water was a little rough and I very quickly found my feet on rocks which cut my feet - be careful...

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