Monday, 21 May 2012

Wat Laem Phromthep

You normally visit this area to view the sunset at Laem Phromthep - but were soon inundated with coaches and tourists so we went around the corner where there were no tourists and was very beautiful and peaceful.

Apart form a solitary monk there was nobody here.

Wat Laem Phromthep

The approach road-side was scattered with discarded small Wats for the home.  The road was not one that one would normally choose BUT it was well worth it when we reached the end.

The road widened out to a small Wat and a number of associated buildings.  There was a 'prayer' room with three enormous and decorated figures - each one a menacing warrior and each one having candles to light.

There was a small bell tower which could be climbed and the bell rung.  There was a large white feminine figure (which I had previously linked to Chinese Shrines) and there were a plethora of smaller Chedi's which were all linked to people who had passed away.

 A very special place which I am surprised is not more popular

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