Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wat Srisoonthorn

This is a Wat that we have always glimpsed out of the car window and today (on the way to Phang-Nga we decided to stop. It is known to the locals as Wat Lipon if the taxi driver does not understand - or show him the map

We were clearly visiting a Wat which is used on a regular basis - there were some 'young monks' arriving for some 'instruction' whilst we were there.

The largest attraction here is the lying down Buddhist statue on the top of a building - to be exact I understand that the figure of Buddha reaching a state of Nirvana is 29 metres long. 

Then there is the enormous number of carved statues which are within the grounds - many are simple and entertaining and some are (apparently) simply scary, I had a look here but I could not find a scary one.... then the one with the mobile phone?

There is also a bell tower which you can walk up and ring the bell.  There is also a smaller temple where you can ask for a question to be answered BUT I am not sure what you get when you put money in this machine?

A truly special place I will write more about Wat Srisoonthorn again.

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