Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Soi Rommanni Shrine (gone)

Much has been written about the improvements being made in Phuket Old Town and one of the places is Soi Rommani.

As we walked along I was suddenly aware that there was the smell of Chinese Incense and I had not encountered this here previously. There was a small Shrine there - the Shrine looked like it was actually someones home - but I was welcomed in.

The Shrine was obviously tiny but had everything that I encountered previously in the larger Chinese Shrines in Phuket. There was the whip and the dress which I have only seen during the Vegetarian Festival and the metal tools were highly polished - I felt honoured to have been welcomed inside

There are small places to stay on this road and there are also some small local restaurants to visit - the company Art & Culture who make the best map of Phuket Old Town can be found along this alleyway - pop in and get a map.

Then afterwards I popped into into Since 1892 for a coffee.

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BUT now (Mar 2016) this is it...