Monday, 27 May 2013

Krieng Tin and Bubble Tea

This as certainly a wonderful find and I cannot remember what brought me to this place and why I ordered a Bubble Tea to begin with.

My first recorded visit here was during a Vegetarian Festival Parade and I needed two of these. This Krieng Tin is close to Bang Neow Chinese Shrine.

So what is Bubble Tea and what is Krieng Tin?

I believe that Krieng Tin celebrates the past of Phuket and the Kanom (Sweet dishes) and biscuits that it made previously.

the Bubble Tea Machine...
Well as I search through the desk I cannot find the full details of the shop so I guess I will have to go again and with that are the details about Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is a wonderful sweet drink and it has a number of small black circular jellies which are delicious - but exactly what it is I don't know. I do know that there are more places spring up in Phuket Town that serve this drink - it is quite filling.

A full report will come later - 
but this is certainly a place to visit.