Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wat Phra Nang Sang - Part One

I had passed by this Wat a number of times, usually travelling to Phuket Airport or the Gibbon Sanctuary or the Annual Butterfly release.

I was initially confused as to what it actually was because from the outside there were two enormous Yuks and a large figurine of a woman dressed in white.

I am told (and read) that the meaning of this temple is that it was built by the Queen and that it is the oldest Temple in Phuket - I read that this is then 545 years old - apparently there are also three Tin Buddhas (made when the trade in Phuket was mainly Tin) with did have three hidden tin Buddha's inside them.

BUT I have never found them - the World's largest Tin Buddha heads still have to be discovered by me.

What we did find though was something even interesting...

There is an enormous Golden Reclining Buddha.

AND underneath this is a mummified Buddha - the former Luang Poh Bai (or Zhang). Why this monk was mummified I am not exactly sure - 

but there was a sheet of paper which detailed that the monk knew that he was going to pass away so they consumed no more food so the mummification process was easier?

After finding this interesting artefact I then found a smaller monument similar to the Heroine's Monument - Lady Chan and Lady Mook. Apparently the ground in front of the Wat was where the locals gathered to prepare to find the invading Burmese Troops.

Too much to write about in one post - another to come...

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