Friday, 3 May 2013

Sam Se Ju Hud Chinese Shrine

I always love to investigate the beautiful Chinese Shrines when I am in Phuket Town BUT I always feel that it is imperative to leave a donation - so when I take Jemma I always ask her to Wai when we enter and she loves to ring the bell - leaving a donation in the box.

The beauty of visiting the Chinese Shrines throughout Phuket is that they are always changing and many are not on some of the maps which the visitor receives.

Sam Se Ju Hud Chinese Shrine is at the bottom of Rang Hill on the outskirts of Phuket Town and I have visited it previously and I took a number of photographs today.

This visit was special because this time I noticed more things - I do not know whether they were there previously but...

The pillars in front of the Shrine have small figures on a cloud - I believe that they are telling us a story?

There were wooden bells on the surfaces of the shrine and I do not know what they are but they look like cow bells.

What was the chilli display for?

Please don't forget the donation, the waterfall at the back and the prayer room at the back.


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