Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wat Phra Nang Sang - Part Two

With so much to see I decided to divide this posting into two 
- here is the link to Part One.

After finding the tribute to the Heroines we decided to look further to the back - at the back they seemed to be building more temples and two Yaks.  What was surprising for me though was that these Yaks carried automatic machine guns...

Then there were the Murals of the Lord Buddha's life around the inside of a temple.

We wandered further and found that there was a temple which had the more traditional Buddhist statues covered in gold leaf. In this same temple was also the traditional paintings of a Buddhist story - unfortunately I was unable to take photographs of them all because of some construction.

I then climbed up to the top of a new construction and was drawn to the temple in the centre of the Wat - it was a square and was surrounded by a large snake figurine - wonderful. We investigated this area and found that it was actually the main temple which was surrounded by the dragon and below this where standing Buddha figurines.

There were Buddhist figurines scattered through this temple.

So much to see...
and more I did not understand - the Legend...


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