Friday, 27 September 2013

Banana Beach (on Coral Island)

I am lucky to live and work at the South end of the island which means that the trip to Coral Island is very simple for me to get with my wife and daughter (especially as my wife is Thai).

Many Hotels, Travel Agents and Fishermen will offer you this service.

So what is on Coral Island?

Well this time we chose to the other beach - Banana Beach. We found everything there that we needed - food (very simple Thai food, please do not expect everything), rented some snorkels and toilets.

If you need more than a simple beach to play on then I suggest that you may get bored here - we did not - we loved it and stayed for 3 hours!

You are able to have a go on a Banana Boat if there is one present and I was thankful that Jemma decided that they were too noisy and was not interested!  We were happy that there were no jet-skis but this is not guaranteed, there will also be the parascending with a speedboat if there is the guarantee of clients.

What I thought was beautifully simple was that they even had cheap loaves of bread that you were able to feed the fish with!

A point to remember though is throughout Thailand it is sometimes a good idea to carry a roll of tissues - we do! Be it for the ice cream that is quickly melting or for a simple need.

I would not recommend a Long-Tailed boat but if you want a degree of flexibility then this would be perfect - but check if you and your friends feel safe before departing!

Pop into see Russell at The Sunset Bar to hear his tale!

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