Saturday, 21 September 2013

Eat some Local Food - Bugs!

Come to a different country and Eat some Local Food.

As part of my job working in Phuket I try to explain many things to visitors to this wonderful place with such a myriad of things to discuss.

But I cannot talk about the reality of eating bugs!

A question that I am always asked by the visitors and I have to admit that I have tried twice.

Once (about 10 years ago) at the Cape Panwa promenade when there was a temporary infestation of the Giant Water Bugs and the second time when I visited Sapan Hin market with a food critic from the United Kingdom.

 I have decided to take a fresher look at this type of dining – and the fact that the UN recently produced a report that Bugs may be our next diet.

Willy has the best site to outline all the different tastes that these special animals have so I would have to say that he is my mentor with this - all hail to Willy. Have a look at his post for a description of all them.

Giant Water Bugs (Mang Da Na)

Silk Worms (Nhon Mhai)

Grasshoppers (Takatan)

Mini Crickets (Jing Reed Khai)

Bamboo Worms (Rod Duan)

There are more insects but I could stay around long enough to take photographs - Crickets (Jing Reed), Red Ants and Eggs (Mod Daeng / Kai Mod Daeng), I am sure that there are more though.

Me - I will eat none until I receive

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lots of money

So with the assistance of Russell from the local Sunset Bar – he will take the photographs for you I will have a go at each type.

This is the final time I will mention this.

and others - usually in reference to the Weekend Market 

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