Saturday, 4 January 2014

Laem Ka Beach

So why do we choose this beach?

Because it is small and not full of tourists and there are no speed boats, parachutes and noise. 

The road to this beach is not the easiest to find and we did miss it first time. There is also a gate across the road sometimes but i have never opened it - but it might be?

Reaching the end is that - the road stopped and there is a cleared area for you to park your vehicle. Sometimes there are merchants selling their plates with tourists photographs on because this is a point that some tours leave from - but it has not been busy.

You descend down a rickety staircase and them your are on the beach - peaceful.

BUT today it was extremely busy - every 10 minutes a speed boat arrived and 20 pax disembarked!

Then there were three weddings!

Then there seemed to be a lot of rocks near to the surface of the water - which meant that we were unable to swim this time.

This did not bother Jemma as she chose to play in the water near to the beach with the other children.

There was also the opportunity to buy some food from one person selling cheap Thai food and there was only one stall - not a lot going on but as a family we enjoyed it.
Here's Phuket 101's review and Dawn can be found on the island opposite - Bon Island.

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