Thursday, 18 September 2014

Phuket Old Town Fresh Food Market

The Food Market in Phuket Old Town was not always like this - I remember (I have no photographs) of when it was a market which was under a suspended tent fabric! In fact Phuket Weekend Market is very similar. However they don't sell the food stuff in the same way as they do here.

Now the market is enclosed in a building built to match the Sino-Portugese buildings commonplace in Phuket Old Town.

I understand that the market is actually split into levels.

This does lead me into wondering what they would class as the level which is reached by walking down stairs - this is where most of the local restaurants can be found - there certainly is nothing in any other language on these menus!

Anyway as I was sorting through all of the photographs which I took I found a re-occurring theme - happiness!!

Even the ones cutting up the big pieces were having fun!

Then the Curry Pastes.

The chicken feet.

As you enter the market you will first be able to purchase the dry items - there seemed always to be a great selection of biscuits! 

Moving inwards you will come across the fresh vegetables.

Then the meat.

At the back there was the fish -

being delivered!

I personally like this photograph of one of the workers having his breakfast within this environment! 

Then this man had obviously been working hard!

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